Metro in Amsterdam

Метро в Амстердаме схема и карта Transport

The metro in Amsterdam was opened relatively recently, in 1977. Metro lines have allowed residents, guests and residents of the capital, to reach remote sleeping areas. The number of operating lines today is four, and the stations are 52.

Schematic map

Subway lines differ in color on the map and location: the three eastern lines go to Gaasperplas, Hein, and Amstelveen stations. The roundabout connects Hein and Isolaterweg.

Схема метро Амстердама

Three lines start at Central Station. In addition to the central districts, the metro stretched beyond the capital: to the suburbs of Amstelveen, Diemen and Auder-Amstel.

Today a new fifth line 52 or IJ Noord-Zuid lijn is being laid, shown in lilac on the map. It will connect north and south, separated by the river Ay. The IJ will be the first subway line to open in 2017.

Comfortable subway cars differ from each other in theme, design and blue or orange upholstery of the seats .. If you have not had time to take a seat, then it is comfortable to stand in the car, holding on to the special hinges sliding along the handrails.

Travel planning

  • Important question: until what time does the Amsterdam metro run?

Some metro trains run until midnight, while others to remote areas run until 1am. The transport company GVB connects the routes of the metro, trains and buses. Tickets are purchased online on the official website: It is better to plan trips around Amsterdam and the suburbs on the website 9292.nlavailable in English other than Dutch, or via the free 9292 mobile app (download on Android, download on iPhone)

Вагоны амстердамского метро разрисованы художниками

What travel tickets are better to buy for tourists

For a single trip, metro tickets are bought from special machines located next to the turnstiles.

Some terminals have a menu in English, but others are in Dutch. However, experienced tourists understand.


  • The terminals also accept banknotes, but with a denomination of less than fifty euros, and coins with denominations of one cent or more.
  • The fare for one trip in the metro is 2.6 euros.
  • The validity of the ticket is exactly one hour from the moment of scanning in the turnstile, keep it until you exit the metro.
  • A 24-hour pass costs 6.4 euros and is accepted in all types of public transport.

Electronic ticket system OV

Since 2010, an electronic payment service OV has been operating in the capital, which allows the use of a single ticket for metro, buses and trams. It is better to pay for chip cards for travel at the GVB “Tickets & Info” kiosks. In addition to cash, credit cards are accepted everywhere. OV-chipkaart can be purchased in advance on the website or through services and The card gives you the right to go through the metro turnstiles as many times as you need to enter and exit. It depends on the type and cost of the purchased ticket; special tickets are also provided for up to seven days.

In 2015, the transport company GVB of Amsterdam issued another type of ticket covering the existing modes of public transport: the Amsterdam Travel Ticket, which is valid for one to three days. The cost of such a ticket for a day is 15 euros, for two and three days, respectively, 20 and 25 euros. You can buy a travel card at Schiphol Airport. This ticket is activated from the moment of the first scan at the entrance to the metro and is valid until four in the morning of the next day.

OV Chip Cards

Single cards differ in two ways:

  • by time: from one hour to 7 days inclusive
  • by status: P, D, A

Passengers choose between Personal cards (P-card), Anonym (A-card) and one-time (D-card). The convenience of P and A cards is that they cost € 7.5 and are valid for up to five years. Residents of the capital buy P cards with a personal photo.

Which card is more profitable for the metro: A or D

D-card - one-time card: entered / exited. The cost of a D - card for 24 hours is € 7.50, but it is more profitable to buy A-card - anonymous cards. They are suitable for tourists who come to the city for a couple of days.

Attention to cardholders: for 7.5 euros you buy only a piece of plastic with a chip, the balance of the card upon purchase is zero. Before the first trip, the card must be replenished by at least 20 euros. The "hanging" seven and a half euros will come in handy for the next visit to Holland. But since you may not return, the local transport company makes a big profit.

Both types of cards are bought from vending machines or tobacco kiosks. Cash and credit cards are accepted everywhere. But you can replenish the balance of the OV card only in cash.

Information for parents: in Amsterdam, for children over four years old, a special child ticket is purchased for 2.5 euros and is valid for 24 hours from the date of purchase.

Rules of behavior 

It is forbidden to eat, drink and smoke in the Amsterdam metro, but for bicycle owners - freedom - during non-working hours bikes are transported in the metro for a fee. These hours are from 7 am to 9 am and from 4 pm to 6:30 pm. There are special carriages for cyclists, look for signs on the windows and at the doors.

The interval between metro trains is five to ten ten minutes, depending on the time of day.

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