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Парк Вондела в Амстердаме Amsterdam landmarks

Vondelpark (vondelpark) in Amsterdam is a wonderful green area located in the southern part of the city (Amsterdam-Zuid).

Against the backdrop of the eerily urbanized Dutch capital, the 47 hectare parkland, which has preserved its natural landscape and natural beauty, looks quite impressive. In addition to recreation, Vondela Park offers visitors entertainment: an exhibition pavilion, a theater, children's recreation, as well as carte blanche for adult fun (having sex).


The idea to organize a place for horse riding and hiking in Amsterdam originated in 1864. An association of enthusiasts bought several hectares of land on the outskirts of the capital, thus, in 1865, the New Park (Nieuwe Park) appeared on the city's map.

Two years later, a memorial to the famous Dutch playwright - Joost van den Vondel (Dutch Joost van den Vondel) was erected in the open spaces of the park.

Soon enough, the inhabitants of the capital began to make appointments at Vondel or in Vondel Park, and the original name quickly went down in history.

памятник Йосту ванн ден Вонделу в Амстердаме

By the end of the 19th century, the park had grown to its current size., received a stage for performances and a rosary at his disposal. Over time, a cafe was built on its territory - the Blue Tea House (Blauwe Theehuis). The vast territories required careful maintenance and significant investment, so in 1953 the park was transferred from private ownership to the city's balance sheet. In the following decades, the green area is overgrown with playgrounds for children and theater stages.

In the relaxed 70s, Vondelpark was the quintessence of the hippie movement - complete unity with nature, with no or almost no restrictions on relaxing substances and love.


озеро в парке Вондела в Амстердаме

Vondel Park has an elongated lanceolate shape, it stretches from northeast to southwest. In the appearance of this place, history and modern technologies are surprisingly intertwined. Several free-standing ponds in modern times have been turned into one meandering pond. At the same time, the sloping banks, lawns and vegetation were stylized as much as possible to resemble natural antiquity.



If you move through the park from east to west, then the first of the attractions will be:

  • Exhibition pavilion Vondelparkpaviljoen, founded in 1883, over the years of its existence has become a site for many exhibitions, festivals and cultural events. Today, the pavilion is an undoubted decoration of the park, thanks to its architecture. The Vondel CS recording studio has recently been located under the roof of the historic building; cultural events, musical evenings, and film screenings are often held. Website: www.vondelcs.nl
  • At the bend of the pond, in the midst of the trees, he hid monument to Jost van den Vondel... Vacationers and yoga lovers in the fresh air are often located in the meadows near the memorial.
  • A round building surrounded by a summer terrace is simply impossible to miss - it is the same Blue Tea House, thriving since 1937... Working hours: from 9:00 to 22:00. The cafe menu is a good selection of light sandwiches, snacks and sweets. You can quench your thirst with soft drinks or beer. Official website: www.blauwetheehuis.nl.
  • Open-air theater Vondelpark Openluchttheater located just west of the teahouse. Every year the theater gives about 125 free performances, in a wide variety of directions, from classics to avant-garde and popular music. Opening hours: from May 5 to September 11. In May, festive events are held on the stage of the theater. And from June 5 to September 11 - a free concert program. You can find out about upcoming events and the timing of them on the theater website: www.openluchttheater.nl
  • Groot Melkhuis Cafe located on the shore of the pond, has a lovely terrace overlooking the pond and the park, as well as a children's playground. Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 18:00. Cafe website: www.grootmelkhuis.nl
  • Eclectic Fish Statue by Pablo Picasso is located just south of the Groot Melkhuis cafe.

Interesting Facts

  • Every Friday night, Vondel Park is filled with skateboard fans as part of the Fridaynightskate event.
  • The King's Day is celebrated in the capital on April 27, in connection with which there are many activities for children in the park. Adults on this day can visit the spontaneous market "vrijmarkt", which fills the alleys of the park.
  • Starting in 2011 on All Souls Day (November 2), residents of Amsterdam launch paper boats, equipped with small candles, over the park's reservoir. Memory boats are a tribute to the memory of loved ones who have recently passed away.
  • In May 2009, Vondelpark entered the Guinness Book of Records as the place for the biggest picnic - 433 participants of the outdoor feast easily beat the previous world record of 352 people.
  • In 2008, the Mayor of Amsterdam, Paul Van Grieken, officially announced that adults will be able to have sex in the park, provided that they will clean up after themselves and be given joy in the dark, away from the playgrounds. To which the capital's police replied that they would not tolerate such arbitrariness and would not turn a blind eye to such pranks.

How to get

  • Address: Amsterdam, Vondelpark
  • By tram: # 1 from the center of Amsterdam to the northern part of the park, stops: Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat, Overtoom, Overtoomsesluis. No. 2 to the southern part of the park, stops: Van Baerlestraat, Cornelis Schuytstraat, Valeriusplein / Koninginneweg, Zeilstraat
  • Site: www.hetvondelpark.net
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