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Price hotels or apartments in Amsterdam with tourist ratings of at least 8 out of 10 and higher, it starts from 130-150 euros per day.

Travelers on a budget, less than 120 euros per day, I advise you to consider accommodation in neighboring cities, and to get to Amsterdam by trains, which run very often.

For example:

  • In Leiden, an incredibly beautiful city with canals, 40 minutes from Amsterdam, hotel ibis 3 stars, breakfast included will cost you 115 euros per night for 2. A train ticket costs 9.60 euros one way.
  • In Zaandam, 13 minutes from the central station, hotel easyHotel costs 100 euros / day. The train ticket is only 2.60 euros.

In Amsterdam itself, one of the budget, but good hotels is called Zuid oost heesterveld, a double room costs 95 euros / day. The location is strategically perfect - 1 min walk from Bullewijk metro, from which 15 min to Amsterdam Centraal.