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The famous St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum has one of the richest collections in the world. In order to ensure that the masterpieces don't sit idle in the museum's storerooms, it was decided to open several branches around the world.

The Hermitage Amsterdam and Amstelhof is a unique museum that does not have a complete collection of its own. Almost the entire collection is imported - these are masterpieces delivered from St. Petersburg. All exhibitions are temporary. The duration of each is from half a year to two years.

Hermitage in Amsterdam exhibition
With an area of 4,000 square meters, it is possible to house a large number of art objects. From each purchased admission ticket, the legendary Museum of the City on the Neva receives 1 euro, which allows you to keep your storerooms in perfect order and organize field trips around the world.


The ancient Amstelhof building is nestled on the River Amstel. A classic building from 1681, it was designed and erected for a home for the elderly, which was housed there until 2007.
Back in 1999, it was deemed outdated and inadequate for modern living requirements for the elderly. After the last pensioner left the almshouse, the building was quickly enough redesigned, restored and built the Amsterdam Hermitage.

Many elements of history have been preserved. For example, the kitchen, several rooms and the church are a permanent part of the museum, telling the story of Amstel, its history and everyday life.

The tour guide is sure to mention that there is a possibility that the Great Russian Emperor, while living in Amsterdam, might have visited these parts, and perhaps even stopped by here to see the old masters.
But this is only a small corner of history. Vast halls are occupied by masterpieces of world art.
The Hermitage, when it brings in the collection, is sure to accompany it with a large number of videos, printed materials, and an audio guide in several languages.
Don't be seduced by the fact that everything on display in Amsterdam's Hermitage Museum can be seen when you visit the city on the Neva. Alas, some of the exhibits from the reserve rooms regularly travel around the world and can be seen by Russian connoisseurs only in a few years.

Practical information

  • Address: Amstel, 51
  • Opening hours: daily from 10.00 to 17.00
  • Ticket price: Adult - 15 euros (one exhibition), two exhibitions - 20 euros. A group of more than 15 people = 13, 5 euros (one ticket). Children 6 to 16 years old = 5 Euros. Children 0-5 years old = free of charge
    With museum card and City card I amsterdam - free of charge
  • Official site:
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  1. Anonymous

    Yes, to come to Europe to see an exhibition from St. Petersburg 🙂 It always seemed to me that to go through so many meters of the gallery even in a few days is simply unrealistic. One has to choose only by the most interesting exhibitions. And yet it's interesting to visit the Hermitage in Amsterdam-St. Petersburg 🙂 Does it have something like a museum night or open door, when the entrance to all the halls is free?

  2. Viktor Ivanov

    Every time I come to vacation in cities, I visit museums and galleries because I love history and the work of artists and masters. Amsterdam's Hermitage really liked the huge variety of paintings and the large area. Of course when I visited the Amsterdam Hermitage was only 2 exhibition museums, but still saw a lot. On the minus side, you probably have to pay 25 euros to enter the building. Even the entrance to the Winter Palace costs less.