Исторический музей Амстердама Amsterdam museums
Historical Museum of Amsterdam
Музей NEMO в Амстердаме Amsterdam museums
The NEMO Museum is a fascinating science center
Музей Амстелкринг в Амстердаме Amsterdam museums
Amstelkring Museum
Музей марихуаны, гашиша и конопли в Амстердаме Amsterdam museums
Museum of marijuana, hashish and hemp
Музей пива Heineken в Амстердаме Amsterdam museums
Heineken Beer Museum
Музей пианол в Амстердаме Amsterdam museums
Pianola Museum
Дом-музей Анны Франк в Амстердаме Amsterdam museums
Anne Frank House Museum
Музей трамвая в Амстердаме Amsterdam museums
Tram museum
Рейксмузеум в Амстердаме Amsterdam museums
Музей секса в Амстердаме Amsterdam museums
Museum of Sex

During a trip to the Netherlands and Amsterdam, it will not be superfluous to purchase a museum card (Museumkaart). It will help to save not only money, but also the time spent in queues.

The card is sold on the official website www.museumkaart.nl.

The best option for a tourist is the MuseumKaart annual pass. It costs 60 euros (cheaper for children) and allows you to visit 400 museums in the country throughout the year, including 34 museums in Amsterdam. Even if you are planning a short stay in the Netherlands, the museum card is a significant savings: on average, a visit to one exhibition costs 6-20 euros here.
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It is also possible to purchase a museum card for a more limited time from other companies. But it does not justify itself, since it costs about the same as an annual subscription, and provides fewer opportunities.

Of these, the Amsterdam City Pass (www.iamsterdam.com). It allows you to get into some museums without money, go on an hour cruise along the canals for free. Also, the ticket provides for free use of public transport. For admission to other museums, which are not eligible for free admission, theaters receive a 20% discount. A daily card costs 57 €, for 48 hours - 67 €, 96 hours - 87 €.