Museum of marijuana, hashish and hemp

Музей марихуаны, гашиша и конопли в Амстердаме Amsterdam museums

If your journey through the Dutch capital aims to collect as many impressions of the most unusual places in Amsterdam as possible, then do not forget the Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum.

Музей гашиша, марихуаны и конопли в Амстердаме


The museum's founder, Ben Dronkers, is a well-known cannabis grower. He opened a small exhibit in 1991, presenting it as a private collection. But over the years, the collection expanded and brought its owner world fame, and became a veritable museum.


With about 6,000 items on display, the museum is a treasure trove of the most comprehensive information about cannabis.

The entire space is divided into two parts. The first tells about the use of the plant in various fields of activity. Of course, much attention is paid to the psychotropic effect of "pot". And, after such stories, many will wonder if it is worth it at all to try "easy" drugs, and whether they are as harmless as they are sometimes portrayed.

It's amusing to see a pack of Belomorkanal, known to Russians, in the part of the exhibit that tells the story of the samokrutok and smoking machines collected from around the world.

Samokrutki tell not only the story of modern tobacco smoking, but also take us back to antiquity.

трубка для курения древних народов мира в музее марихуаны в Амстердаме
Of course, in addition to the story of cannabis and its narcotic effects, you can learn about other useful properties of this plant and its wide use in many industries:

  • Modern Medicine and Pharmacy actively use many of the properties of marijuana.
  • Hemp oil is a constant component in cosmetology. Yes, and the health benefits of this product have been highly appreciated since ancient Russia.
  • Hemp seed and oil are actively used by cooks around the world. In the museum you can learn recipes for the most popular of them. For example, cannabis pie is very popular among Dutch youth. Apart from the funny name, it has no narcotic effect on the human body.
  • Textile workers in the Middle Ages appreciated the strength of the fibers. For example, hemp ropes are still considered one of the strongest ropes made from natural materials.
  • Also. The strength of the natural fiber was appreciated by shoemakers.

The field of application is so wide that it is better to visit the museum and see with his own eyes almost all the uses of the various parts of the plant in the modern world.

Афродизиаки на основе марихуаны

The second part of the museum is the historical "Hemp Gallery," which tells the story of the different ways cannabis has been grown over the centuries in different parts of the world. The evolution of its processing is shown.
It is also interesting to hear about the traditions of smoking "pot" in different countries.

Выставка фотографий о курении в разных странах мира. Музей марихуаны и конопли в Амстердаме

Marijuana and cannabis museum in Amsterdam is not only a lot of interesting exhibits and fascinating stories, it is a working scientific laboratory, which is engaged in the study of the properties of the plant.

Practical information

  • Address: Oudezijds Achterburgwal, 148
    The road from Amsterdam Centraal takes 5 - 10 minutes in the direction of the Red Light District.
  • Tickets:
    Ticket price = 9 euros, online on the website = 8.5 euros
    Children under the age of 13 are admitted free.
  • Working hours: from 10:00 to 22:00
  • Official site:


In the museum you can buy various souvenirs, and even greenhouses and devices for growing cannabis.

You can also choose seeds of different varieties, which you can grow yourself. In addition, the museum staff will tell you about the proper care of grass.
Just don't forget that it is forbidden to export hemp outside the Netherlands.

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