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The vast majority of the world perceives Holland primarily as a country of tulips. This delicate flower is not only part of the culture, but also forms quite a large part of the country's budget.

That's why the relatively young Amsterdam Tulip Museum, opened in 2004, blends harmoniously into Amsterdam's myriad of attractions.


Curiously enough, the idea and opening of his private museum was not some foundation or flower organization, but an ordinary American. Chris Schipper's family has been supplying, growing and selling tulips for many years. Nowadays, Chris is not only involved in tulips, but also in supplying other flowers to many parts of the world.


Arriving in Amsterdam, Schipper opens his office, which has expanded into a true information center. As a result, a huge amount of information and various objects, paintings, films were accumulated, allowing in 2004 to present it all as a unique museum exhibit.



The unique exposition is located in seven thematic halls of the museum on an area of 2200 square meters and is regularly replenished. Live tulips of all different varieties (especially when in bloom) delight the eye and create a peculiar atmosphere.

The collection represents:

  • A Unique Collection of Paintings by Judith LeisterThe tulips were the subject of an entire series of paintings by the 17th century artist.
  • History of the flower. From its first mentions in history in Central Asia and its long journey through the Ottoman Empire to Holland. Its inhabitants' passion for growing tulips and exporting them around the world.
  • There are many stories and legends associated with tulips. Stories of huge fortunes and the collapse of financial empires because of a delicate flower are curious. The seventeenth century, thanks to "tulip mania", becomes "Golden" for the whole country. Tulips were of enormous importance not only for the economic prosperity of Holland. For example, during the war, their bulbs saved many from starvation. There are many such episodes, and they allow you to see the Netherlands from a slightly different perspective.
  • DocumentariesThe Tulip's life cycle - from the first shoots to withering - will be shown on several monitors.
  • There is also a lot of information about different varieties, novelties, and care features. Little tricks that will allow the plant to last a little longer in the vase.

It is definitely worth a look in the store. A huge selection of souvenirs - from the usual magnets and mugs to exclusive designer creations, will not leave you indifferent. And to bring from Holland something with a picture of a tulip is already a tradition.

Practical information

  • Address: Prinsengracht 112, Amsterdam
    Opening hours from 10.00 to 18.00 daily,
    On April 27 and December 25, the museum is closed.
  • Ticket price:
    For adults = 5 euros
    For students = 3 euros
    For family = 10 euros
    For children under 8 years old = free of charge
  • Official site: www.amsterdamtulipmuseum.com
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