Market Albert Kaupmarkt

Рынок Альберт Каупмаркт Amsterdam landmarks

Vegetables, fruits, sausages, cheeses, meat, fish, flower seedlings and seeds, plus a lot of other essentials, are concentrated in the Albert Kaupmarkt market in the non-tourist area of Pijp. Multi-ethnic Pape is located close to the center of Amsterdam. At the beginning of the last century, the district was conceived as a student, but after the Second World War it turned out to be immigrant. Long, uncomfortable for the passage, dull gray buildings - it is for this flavor that the area was named Truboy (Peyp).

Рынок Альберт Каупмаркт

Albert Kaupmarkt - Heart of Pijp

The center of the pipe area is the Albert Cuyp Markt market, all the most interesting in the quarter is concentrated here. This old market, opened in 1905, is open on weekdays, but oddly enough, on the busiest tourist days - Sundays - it is closed.

More than three hundred stalls are spread out in four quarters of Pape, and they represent the popular today among tourists "Albert Kaupmarkt", where you can wander for hours, snacking on very cheap exotic food offered by people from Serbia, Cambodia, India, Pakistan.
Street musicians walk along the aisles, raising the mood of the market visitors, already uplifted by the sight of cheap products and goods.

Young people choose alleys on the way to the market and inexpensive cafes. Elderly people also appreciate the comfortable places for long gatherings with a glass of beer. Nobody is limited to one mug, and the market is in full swing for a long time. The Dutch word gezellig, meaning cozy, is suitable here. It suits the Albert Kaupmarkt market and its surroundings.

Hollandse Nieuwe - Dutch Virgin

Селедка "Hollandse Nieuwe"

No, this is not about the red light district. This is about fresh, just caught, lightly salted herring. Why they called her that, they won't answer you, but everyone likes the phrase, as something spicy. Many come to the market to enjoy this delicacy.

The herring is the king of the market ball. To taste the best, you should come to Amsterdam in May-June, when the fish (hering) acquires a unique taste: sweetly salty, with a creamy aftertaste.

"Hollandse Nieuwe" селедка

You will be sold a small herring cut in half with pickled cucumber and onions in a bun. But while you enjoy the process, you will see how herring veterans eat it. The seller cuts the carcass lengthwise to the tail, finely chopped onion is placed in the cut (how much to fit), and the "dish" will be served on a paper plate. And here the most interesting thing happens - experts in the ritual take the carcass by the tail, squeezing it so that the onion does not fall out, throw back its head and absorb this delicacy in one motion. The main thing is that the "virgin" cannot be divided into parts. It should fit in your mouth as a whole. Such a delicacy costs only about 2.5 €, you will get great pleasure.

Why the Albert Kaupmarkt Market is attractive

Locals come to the market to "get something for some reason", and leave loaded with seafood, vegetables, second-hand shoes, old skates, such as our hundred-year-old "curly" skates, well-worn bicycles and pumps for them, shelves for the house, flower pots and so on. a trifle.

Locals often come here for fresh fish, inexpensively bottled in old bottles, wine, vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts. But this is an official reason to visit the market, unofficial - to hang out among the huge masses of people of all ages and nationalities.

For lovers of Dutch tulips

If you are hunting tulip bulbs, it is important to know that beautiful-looking flowers, whose bulbs are sold in summer, will not sprout or, if hatched, will not delight you with their exquisite shape and color. It is better to buy them in another market, but if you only had time to visit Albert Kaupmarkt, you should know that normal bulbs will start selling closer to autumn. Better yet, buy them at the special flower market located on the banks of the Singel Canal.

голландские тюльпаны

The price in stores for the best varieties of tulips is 10 euros for 4 sachets of 10 each, you can buy it cheaper on the market. This is a wonderful souvenir for loved ones. If you did not have time to buy on the market, do not be discouraged. Bulbs are also sold at the airport at duty free.

Three souvenir ideas with Albert Kaupmarkt


Stroopwafels or Dutch waffles

голландские вафли

This traditional dessert can be bought everywhere in Holland, including at the Albert Kaupmarkt. Round Waffles are like sandwiches lined with butter and soaked in caramel syrup. They are sold in regular packs and beautiful cylindrical tin boxes with blue mills on a white background. The cost depends on the package, the lowest price is from 3 euros per package.

Licorice candy

голландские конфеты

Next on the list are the black licorice candies, beloved by the Dutch, here they are called monpensier.

The sweets look like sea pebbles, but the taste is viscous, the smell is like our alteyka. Depending on the shape, you can choose Boerderij drops ("drops" in the form of animals), Katjes (all kinds of cats) and salty Haring (herrings). Try different varieties, and then decide whether to buy them home or not. A 180 g box costs 2 euros.

"Wooden" home shoes

деревянные туфли

Many people bring home slippers in the form of Klomp wooden shoes for themselves and as gifts - a comfortable and practical souvenir. Slippers are stylish, warm and comfortable, the price in stores is 10-15 euros. They sell cheaper on the market, the price depends on the material and size. They have bright colors with Dutch motifs. They look like real wooden Klomp or Klompen only in shape. Most often they are sewn from plush. Comfortable as home winter boots.

At 17 o'clock the market closes, and here you can free of charge, for free, collect fruits, vegetables, packaged rolls, rice, oriental sweets and even some useful gizmos thrown on the shelves.

How to get to Albert Kaupmarkt? The most convenient way is to take trams: 20, 4, 16 and 25. The tram ride will turn into a tour of the unknown quarters of the capital.

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