Sightseeing tour of Amsterdam

Обзорная экскурсия по Амстердаму Individual tours in Amsterdam

During a sightseeing tour of Amsterdam, you will have a walking tour of the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, acquaintance with the city, its philosophy, history, culture, and the habits of local residents. And you will be surprised when you find out that Amsterdam is not the capital of Holland.

Let me show you this incredible city from every angle through the eyes of a local in love with the city.
The itinerary of the author's sightseeing tour covers many attractions, including Dam Square, the 17th century architectural work of the Royal Palace, the Old and New Churches, the incredibly beautiful post office and much more.

During a tour of Amsterdam, in addition to educational facts from the history of the most liberal city in Europe, you will receive useful recommendations and answers to all your questions, hear anecdotes from the life of local residents and stories about famous residents of Amsterdam.

Are you a foodie, history buff, traveling with kids? I will adjust the route of the excursion especially for you, it will suit your interests.

If you are hungry during the tour, I will show you where you can refresh yourself with the famous light-salted Dutch herring, French fries and the already famous chocolate chip cookies; I will recommend places with craft coffee or beer, help you book a table in a restaurant for the evening and organize other excursions or visits to museums.

It will not be just a walk along the canals and bike paths to tourist attractions, but a big step towards a comfortable vacation in the Netherlands in the next days, which you will spend as rich and interesting as possible.

During the sightseeing tour, you will see:

  1. Dam Square;
  2. Royal Palace;
  3. New and Old Church;
  4. Beygink Monastery;
  5. Oldest residential building in Amsterdam;
  6. Smallest house in Amsterdam;
  7. The house where Rembrandt lived (house-museum of Rembrandt);
  8. Wailing Tower;
  9. Weight;
  10. Central railway station;
  11. Stock Exchange;
  12. Amsterdam Harbor;
  13. Points where you can buy herring - a traditional Dutch delicacy.

You will also learn interesting facts about:

  1. Why was Amsterdam such a powerful city?
  2. Why is it said that it was built on herring ridges?
  3. How do the Dutch eat herring?
  4. Why are there so many canals in Amsterdam?
  5. What is the correct name for the country Netherlands or Holland?
  6. Which city is the capital of Holland?
  7. Why do Dutch people live in churches?
  8. And who now lives in the Beigink Monastery?
  9. Why was one of the Beiginks buried in the trash?
  10. And much more that you won't find in standard guidebooks

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Organizational details

  • Start place: your hotel or other convenient location in the city center.
  • Ideal duration for a sightseeing tour of Amsterdam: 7 o'clock. The cost is 400 euros.
  • During the excursion, 2-3 stops for tea, coffee, beer or lunch are supposed (additional charge)
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