Guided tour of the red light district - have time to see the hot spots of Amsterdam

Guided tour of the red light district Individual tours in Amsterdam

Dutch laws on prostitution and drugs have been transformed in recent years very quickly and quite categorically. Prostitution is still legal.

The expectation of most tourists does not match the reality - red light district not an open-air museum, not a theatrical performance or a flash mob. There is much more "no" than "possible" here.
This area is now the safest place in Amsterdam. And once it was dangerous to come here even during the day. Over the past ten years, a lot has changed - there is no crime, den and debauchery. It is almost impossible to meet the sellers of hard drugs, And those who sell, rather, simply "bred" naive tourists and hand them a gram of powdered sugar, expensive sugar is obtained.

There are almost no coffee shops (establishments selling cannabis) in the Red Light District. And the more often proposals appear in the Dutch government to ban the sale of cannabis to tourists and stop the law on legalizing prostitution, the more people from all over the world come from all over the world who want to see this "nightmare" with their own eyes.

All the fault is not the sale of forbidden fruits itself, but a huge flow of tourists who want to simply see more often than take part. But when the stream of “just watching” turns into a turbulent river, it becomes dangerous. So the government of Amsterdam decided and the Red Lanterns area began to be zealously guarded not from prostitutes, pimps and drug dealers, but from tourists who “I'll just take a look, well, take a photo as much as possible”.

Yes, there are much more tourists than individual entrepreneurs selling their bodies ...
On a private guided tour of the Red Light District, you will see:

  1. The oldest church in Amsterdam;
  2. Rooms where prostitutes work;
  3. St. Anthony's Gate;
  4. Anatomical theater from which the existence of the Kunstkamera Museum in Russia began;
  5. The world's first sex theater;
  6. Monument to a prostitute;
  7. Two operating breweries;
  8. Bar where you can pay with monkeys;
  9. Condom shop.

You will learn:

  1. Where is the red light district and why;
  2. Why are they red and not green, for example;
  3. Who lives in the red light district;
  4. What did prostitutes do after “retirement”;
  5. How prostitutes pay taxes;
  6. Where male prostitutes sell themselves;
  7. What's the difference between cannabis and marijuana;
  8. How many times a year Amsterdammers themselves use the services of prostitutes;
  9. And of course why did they legalize prostitution and soft drugs;
  10. There are many other things that you will not find in standard guidebooks.

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Organizational details

  • Excursion cost: 180 euros for your company up to 6 people.
  • Duration: 2-2.5 hours
  • Venue: Dam square (de Dam) at the obelisk.
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  1. Ekaterina Ischenko

    In fact, being in Amsterdam, I really wanted to visit the Red Light District, too well-known, evil place. Locals call De Wallen, this is a whole area. Real estate in this area is very expensive. Of course, you can walk along the streets during the day, but then you will not feel the atmosphere of this place. By the way, ordinary people live in these houses on the second and higher floors. All the most interesting can be seen from 21:00 to 00:00. Then there are more tourists and the atmosphere is more fun. Red lights are on and the smell of marijuana is in the air. The spectacle is certainly not for the shy. But with order, everything is strict, after all, the safest area of the city. Like this!

  2. Vadim S

    To be honest, I don't really like meeting my compatriots abroad, because most of them behave like savages. When I was in Holland I saw marijuana smoking, but it's a common thing there. There are special pharmacies (outlets) for drug addicts, who are given small doses to relieve their withdrawal symptoms. That's why there is no crime there as such. And our tourists really start taking pictures, discussing, pointing fingers. Well, in general, ashamed)). And to be afraid, I suppose, in this area absolutely nobody, except for a drunken compatriot from our Russia.

  3. Tatiana Lomovtseva

    I personally don't need prostitutes, of course. It's just interesting to walk around in the evening, in a foreign country, in an unusual place. Even the red lights themselves look nice. The atmosphere is friendly, it's not scary.