Beer is not the first thing we think about when going on a trip to the Netherlands. Everyone has heard of tulips, marijuana and Red Lanterns, but Germany is closer to beer lovers? Oh no! The Netherlands is one of the largest beer exporters in the world!

There are over 400 breweries in this tiny country, from large international companies to small breweries and from century-old breweries to start-ups.

First of all, let's define the definition of beer. So what is beer:
“Bottles from the supermarket with yellow liquid”,
"Delicious with dried roach"
“There was something about hops” :)))

“Beer is a low-alcohol, carbonated beverage made from water, fermented malt, and herbal ingredients such as herbs and hops that improve the flavor and / or shelf life of the beer.”

By the amount of beer produced - billions of hectoliters per year - the Netherlands is not the last in the world.
The Netherlands is home to world famous beer brands:

  • Heineken - founded in 1863. The largest brewing company in the Netherlands.
  • Bavaria - founded in 1719. The second largest brewing company in the Netherlands.
  • Grolsch - founded in 1615. Since 1897, Grolsch has had a unique bottle shape called a swing.
  • Amstel - founded in 1870.

All these companies have nothing to do with Germany. Truly Dutch.
Beer in our time is the third most popular drink after water and tea, and three or four hundred years agoit was the FIRST most popular drink in Holland as the tea was very expensive and the water was very dirty.

Beer has always been drunk in the Netherlands. Always - of course, this is a big word, I will say this - they drank beer in the Netherlands even before the advent of writing.

For centuries, the Netherlands has been a great trading nation, calculated by merchants. The implications of this for Dutch beer culture are both positive and negative: On the one hand, the Dutch have collected the best from around the world and produce excellent quality beer that everyone loves. But there is no longer that uniqueness and unusualness; as they say, the character is lost.

Fortunately, attitudes towards the commercialization of beer production are changing. And since 1980, interest in unique old beer recipes has grown incredibly. What's more, Dutch beer culture is super dynamic, new breweries are being created that experiment a lot with new beers.

Today we will go to bars and private small breweries, and we will taste craft, draft beer. We'll leave Heineken and Amstel for later.

What's in store for us?

  1. Brewery in the mill;
  2. Brewery in a former convent;
  3. The most social brewery in Amsterdam;
  4. Brewery in the Red Lanterns area;
  5. Tiny brown bar;
  6. Eagle's Nest Bar;
  7. Lots of different, fresh, truly Amsterdam craft beers and delicious snacks.

What we will see:

  1. Brewers Channel
  2. The first Heineken brewery
  3. Heineken Museum (do not visit the museum during the tour)
  4. 4 breweries
  5. 2 bars


Organizational details

  • The cost of an individual excursion:200 euros for 4 hours for your company up to 6 people. Beer and snacks are paid independently.
  • Duration: from 4 to 10 hours. For the fifth and subsequent hours, the guide's fee is 50 euros / hour.
  • Recommended start time: 16:00
  • Meeting point: your hotel in the city center or the Square (Dam de Dam) at the obelisk. Herea point on the map.