I Amsterdam City Card - how to save money on museums?

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When planning a trip to Amsterdam, you should pay attention that visiting various excursions and programs involves high expenses.

For those who have come to the capital of the Netherlands in order to visit as many museums as possible, make trips around the city, take a boat trip and embrace the cultural and historical layer of Amsterdam, there is a special City Card - I amsterdam.

Such a card is a fairly convenient option for traveling around the city. There are several options for the City Card - for 24, 48, 72 or 96 hours of validity. The card starts functioning from the moment of its activation (first use) and is valid for a certain number of hours. The cost of the card depends on its validity period: 24 hours - 60 euros, 48 hours - 80 euros, 72 hours = 95 euros, 96 hours - 105 euros and 120 hours - 115 euros.

The price of visiting all the attractions included in the card is more than 450 euros. Of course, it is impossible to visit all of them, but even if you choose 2-3 museums and take a boat ride, the card will pay off.

Price of the I Amsterdam Tourist Card

How to buy online

The card can be bought online at the official ticket office on the website www.tiqets.com and pick up at one of the pick-up points:

  • In Schiphol airport (Schiphol) at the I amsterdam Visitor Center, arrivals zone 2, open daily from 07:00 to 22:00
  • In a white building just opposite the central station (Amsterdam Centraal), from 09:00 to 17:00 hours.
  • I amsterdam Store, north entrance to the central station (opposite from the main entrance). Open daily from 8 am to 6 pm, Sunday from 9 am.

The purchase process takes a few minutes. Choose, for example, 2 cards for 48 hours, 80 euros each. Click Go to next step.

Purchase of two I Amsterdam cards for 48 hours for 160 euros

Enter your First name, Last name, your email and contact phone number. Press the button Confirm (Confirm your booking), pay.

Buyer details for the I Amsterdam card

The booking code instantly comes to your mail, and will also be available in the purchase history in your account on the website, which will also be created automatically.

Where to use

  • When traveling by any type of GVB public transport (bus, tram, metro). The number of trips is unlimited.
  • Free entry to most of the city's museums and sightseeing in the Zaanse Schans.
  • As a free app, City Card I amsterdam holders receive a handy city map with directions and points of interest.
  • You can take a guided walk along the canals once, costing 16 euros.
  • Significant discounts are provided when purchasing tickets to theaters, concerts, as well as restaurants and rental offices.
  • Holders of this card receive bonuses, prizes and special monthly offers.
  • Free admission to the main museums in Haarlem.
  • Free ferry ride from Volendam to Marken. And various types of discounts in both cities.

Options for obtaining a card

  1. It can be ordered online for home delivery. The card will be delivered to almost any corner of the world with DHL. Together with the City Card I amsterdam, you will also receive an A-Mag magazine and a city card. The cost of this service depends on your location. But in any case, the maximum delivery time is no more than 6 days.
  2. Collection on arrival. In order to receive the City Card I amsterdam, you must order it online. Next comes an electronic confirmation, which must be printed. City Card can only be obtained in person upon arrival at the point of issue. In the Netherlands, there are 2 points for obtaining prepaid cards:
    - At the airport (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol): Arrivals hall no. 2, Tourist Information counter.
    - At Amsterdam Central Station in the Information Center at Stationsplein, Stationsplein 10.


  • I amsterdam card personal, it cannot be used by several people.
  • You can use it to enter the museum only once.
  • Travel from the airport to the city is not included in the service of this card.
  • Most museums in Amsterdam are free for children and teenagers. But by ordering the special I amsterdam child card for children between the ages of 10 and 18, you will save a lot of money.


If you are still in doubt, then develop your own route and calculate how profitable this offer is, the total cost of museums included in the card is 434 euros, transport - from 7.5 to 21.50 euros, a boat trip (Canal Cruise Ticket) - 16 euros ...

List of museums

Artis Royal Zoo 20.50 0
Hermitage Amsterdam 17.50 0
Rijksmuseum  20.00 0
Portrait Gallery "Golden Age" 17.50 0
Van Gogh Museum 17.00 0
Nieuwequerque Churches In Amsterdam 16.00 0
Het Scheepvaartmuseum Hotel 15.00 0
Jewish Cultural Quarter 15.00 0
Science Center Nemo 15.00 0
Amsterdam City Museum 15.00 0
Museum of the Tropics 15.00 0
Micropia - the first museum of microbes 14.00 0
Muiderslot Castle 13.50 0
State Museum Het 13.00 0
Het Schip Museum 12.50 0
Tassenmuseum Hendrike 12.50 0
Allard Pearson Museum - Archaeological Museum 10.00 0
Bijzondere Collecties Museum of Special Collections 10.00 0
Foam - Museum of Photography 10.00 0
EYE, Film Museum 10.00 0
Verzetsmuseum - Dutch Resistance Museum 10.00 0
Amsterdam Pipe Museum 10.00 0
Amsterdam Diamond Museum 10.00 0
Cobra Museum of Contemporary Art 9.50 0
Wang Lung Museum 9.00 0
Willet-Holthuysen Museum 9.00 0
 Botanical Garden 8.50 0
 Bijbelsmuseum - Bible Museum 8.50 0
 Huis Marseille Photography Museum 8.00 0
 Oude Church 7.50 0
 De Appel Center for the Arts 7.00 0
 Museum Tot Zover - Funeral Museum 7.00 0
 Stadsarchief Amsterdam - City Archives 6.00 0
 Multatuli huis 5.00 0
 Persmuseum - Press Museum 4.50 0
 Amsterdam Arena - Ajax Stadium Tours 16.00 0
 Het Grachtenhuis - Canal Museum 12.00 0
 Molen van Sloten & Kuiperijmuseum 8.00 0
 Amsterdam Tulip Museum 5.00 0
 Woonbootmuseum - Boat House Museum 4.50 0
 Total 454 euros 0

Also significant savings on public transport.


Trams, buses and metro by Gvb.nl in Amsterdam

The validity of the pass Price in EUR BY CARD I Amsterdam
24 hours 8 0
48 hours 13.50 0
72 hours 19.50 0
96 hours 24.50 0

Transportation outside of Amsterdam is not included in the service - this also applies to trains between cities.

Boat trip

The cost of the card includes one boat trip worth 16 euros, you can board at 14 different berths conveniently located in the city center.

If you are planning an active cultural vacation in Amsterdam, then the I Amsterdam card will save you more than a dozen euros, I recommend it.

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  1. Alexey Nosov

    Cool card and helps to really save money when visiting Amsterdam. Together with my sister we went to Amsterdam in early April, ordered cards via the Internet, everything went smoothly, received at the airport, the counter, tourists - everything went as promised, went without problems. We ordered a card for 72 hours. I cannot say exactly how much money I saved - they did not count with the calculator, and there was no such goal, but the fact that the card paid off completely is for sure. You show the card, it is scanned and you don't pay anything for visiting the museum. Next time I will order the card again. Why pay money when you can save?

  2. Oksana Konofolska

    I think that every tourist, going to travel, wants to save money. My husband and I were no exception. I found out about the tourist card just a few days before leaving, well, having estimated how much money we would have to leave, I ordered it. Well, why not? My husband is a historian, and I was sure that we would visit almost all museums. We took the maximum - 120 hours. They ordered it through the Internet, and took it already in the building opposite the central station. It took a couple of minutes. If you really calculate how many museums we visited, drove around the city + took a ride on a ship, it turned out to be a very decent economy. It is a pity that there is no 1st family card, for 2 or 3. It would be much more convenient

    1. Artur Yakutsevich

      Oksana, thanks for the advice and feedback, I am sure it will come in handy for travelers when planning a cultural holiday in Amsterdam. 120 hours is really cool.

  3. Anastasia Egorova

    It is noteworthy that until recently, I did not know about tourist maps at all, like many other people who actively or not very much travel to different countries. It was a serious blunder on my part, so I had to make up for lost time. What is most interesting is that I learned about such a map precisely from this article, for which I really thank the author.
    I flew to Amsterdam the other day, visited a bunch of beautiful places with a tourist card, so it turned out to be a good saving. Of course, first of all, I went to the Botanical Garden, and then to the Amsterdam City Museum - these are the two main attractions that I wanted to see. Of course, I am extremely pleased with my trips to different places.
    Thanks again to the author.

    1. Artur Yakutsevich

      Anastasia, thank you for your feedback. There are such tourist cards in many European cities, for example, in Venice it is called Venezia Unica. https://italy4.me/veneto/venice/venezia-unica-city-pass.html and in Verona the Verona Card https://italy4.me/veneto/verona/verona-card.html - they help curious and active travelers save a lot. Anna, for the article, a really huge respect. She is the best guide in Amsterdam - no doubt about it!

  4. Elena Balan

    I will tell you about my experience of using a very comfortable discount card for a tourist, about which I have heard a lot of flattering things. We ordered the I amsterdam City Card online, the form is very easy to fill out on the website, a package for 72 hours worth 75 euros per person. After confirming the order, they took the card at Schiphol airport in the pavilion. From this moment on, travel around the city automatically becomes free. Considering that a ticket per person per day will cost 7.5 euros, the savings are significant. The map was accompanied by a booklet with a detailed description of attractions, a city map, a list of 80 places for free visits, including a canal cruise. The first thing we decided to do was take a cruise tour. The card brochure lists the companies that provide this tour to cardholders. Within an hour and a half, we saw the most picturesque corners of the city. Now it was easy to choose the places that I wanted to visit in the first place, to take a closer look. You can talk about the impressions of what you saw for a long time, it is better to experience and see with your own eyes. We visited the Nemo Museum, unusual and informative, you can taste and touch everything. I highly recommend it if you are with a child. Then there was the Tulip Museum, where you can choose souvenirs. Museum of Modern Art, open-air museum Zuidersee with real mills. We took a ride on the ferry. With the card, you can afford free coffee, rolls and local cuisine, so you will definitely not be hungry. Cafes where you can get them are nearby the places to visit declared in the map, which is very convenient. Bottom line. With the City Card, travel around Amsterdam will be much richer and more dynamic. A very positive moment, you can not think about the financial component and relax on vacation.

  5. Evangeline Eprova

    We love to travel with a young man, we often take cards of this type for trips, because it turns out great to save money. Here they took a card for 72 hours, visited the sights to the maximum, in many respects were guided by this article. I liked the art center and photography museum the most. By the way, the cost of the card includes a boat trip, which is very cool. We will definitely come again and, most likely, we will buy this card. Thanks a lot to the author of the article and the creator of these maps, this is a really cool topic for travelers who like to save as much as possible.

  6. Azalia gordon

    These kind of maps are pretty useful. I used it all the time when I visited Amsterdam. There are many interesting sights in this city, so I decided to visit it first. I bought the card for myself after using it for the first time, it is generally better not to lose sight of such things.
    In general, I really love walking, I love museums, galleries and all kinds of institutions useful for developing the mind. Most of all, I was surprised by the Nemo Science Center and the Van Long Museum. The last time I rested wonderfully, but I didn't go wherever I would like, so the probability of my return is high, but nowhere without a map.

  7. Marina Goncharova

    When traveling to Amsterdam, I decided to order a 72-hour City Card tourist card for 95 euros I belong to the category of tourists who prefer active tourism with a visit to the maximum number of attractions. I bought the card online and picked it up at the Schiphol airport in the tourist center. At the same time, I rode the metro, buses and trams for free. Among the most memorable sights are the Van Gogh Museum, the Micropia Museum of the Tropics - the first museum of microbes Muiderslot Castle Amsterdam Diamond Museum Botanical Garden Amsterdam Tulip Museum. And also a boat trip! The card has definitely paid for itself!

  8. Nadia nordbjort

    A friend talked about such a card, but I didn't immediately understand what its advantage was. I was in Amsterdam for one or two days and I had something to occupy myself with, so I remembered about this map. I bought it for 48 hours for 80 euros. I arranged and paid online, picked up at the point of issue. Everything is done as simply and intuitively as possible. After receiving the card, I went to the museum of the incomparable Van Gogh, I dreamed of getting there for about 10 years. Then there was the Taylor and Frans Hals museum. You can take a boat ride on the map, which I did. The card also includes unlimited travel on public transport, which is good news.

  9. Olga Dasaeva

    This year my friend and I went to Amsterdam. Even before leaving, a friend told me that there is a City Card for traveling around the city. We issued it on the Internet, and when we arrived in Amsterdam we picked it up at the airport, no problems arose. We bought two cards for 72 hours for 95 euros, traveled all day long! We immediately visited the Hermitage in Amsterdam, the archaeological museum. I liked the Museum of Modern Art very much. We went for a ride on a boat. There are also unlimited rides on public transport on the map. We are very grateful to the author and those who wrote this article, we will definitely use this card if we come to Amsterdam! I will also tell my friends and comrades, because not everyone knows about the existence of such a card!

  10. Alexander Morozov

    Another smart way to save money on a tourist trip to Amsterdam. In the summer with my wife, we were in Amsterdam as tourists. Even at the planning stage, our tour trip, we learned from an acquaintance about the City Card I amsterdam. Allows you to significantly save money on a tourist trip to the city of Amsterdam. Of course, not one of us, with a calculator, did not go, I can not name the amount of real savings. But I will say with confidence if we had not had this card, but we ordered for 96 hours, we would have spent definitely more. With the map, we visited everything we could, the presence of such a map implies a visit to a fairly large number of culturally significant objects. A very convenient and practical thing.

  11. Igor Andreev

    In July of this year, I went to Amsterdam with a friend. We have been planning this trip for a long time, I really wanted to visit this city. We took two cards for 48 hours. This was enough for us. We visited a lot of sights, mainly museums. But this list also includes a castle, a botanical garden, a church, and a scientific center. In general, we didn’t regret buying these cards. We saved a lot, and we had a great time with the saved money in the remaining time, because Amsterdam is not only about museums. As it turned out, this city still has a very vibrant nightlife. My friend and I had only positive emotions about this wonderful city.

  12. Sergei Sergeevich Slonov

    Recently, my wife and I traveled to Holland. We used the service provided on the website and ordered two such cards with a minimum number of hours. What can you say? The savings are really pretty decent. As part of the tour of Amsterdam, we used the card when visiting the Hermitage museums in Amsterdam and the Van Gogh Museum, and also conducted an unforgettable excursion on the ship. Generally. it is safe to say that the card not only paid for itself, but also helped to save money, and from this it follows that its purchase is justified and profitable. I recommend everything to the guests of the capital of Holland.

  13. Dmitry Smolsky

    As with many cities in Europe, Amsterdam also has city maps. Knowing about the same, right before the trip we looked at how you can get them. It's good that you can buy it before the trip and pick it up upon arrival in the city. With a tourist card, they give a map on which it is marked where you can go with it. For me, a big plus of these cards is free travel on public transport, since it is not cheap in Europe. Free visits to museums provide significant savings when visiting the city, because there are very uninteresting and small museums for which it is very unfortunate to pay 10 euros for an entrance. So if you are going to Europe, then immediately see if they sell City Cards.

  14. Alexander Chernov

    I would like to express my gratitude to the author for very useful and timely advice, went with a girl for 10 days to Amsterdam and used this card. In general, as such, I did not have a plan - there was only a trip, and at the last moment I was looking for options for rest and found your article. How much time, money, lost emotions have been saved by these tips. An incredible country, an incredible city, we will definitely go to Amsterdam again at the beginning of next year and I think more than once, thanks again for sharing this information, it really helps many people who have not yet experienced such trips and are traveling for the first time.