The NEMO Museum is a fascinating science center

Музей NEMO в Амстердаме Amsterdam museums

NEMO is an Amsterdam museum where you can touch, twist, press any buttons and at the same time learn a lot of useful and interesting things about everything in the world. In such a museum, no one will be bored, this is an original, exciting and fun approach to serious scientific issues and problems.


The scientific center was opened on the basis of the Museum of Labor, which functioned in the 1920s and 1930s, then in the middle of the twentieth century, the Dutch Institute of Industry and Technology was located there. Only in the 80s was it decided to create an educational center. Alas, the original idea failed. But the founders did not lose heart, revised the basic concept and in 1997 launched this amazing project.

What to see and touch

It is best to come here with children. It doesn't matter how old your child is. In any case, the child will find something to do, broaden his horizons, take part in scientific and funny experiments. At the same time, he will be told in a fascinating way why certain phenomena occur.
It is difficult to give exact recommendations, since it is unrealistic to describe each stand. But you should definitely pay attention:

  • For internal architectural and design solutions. All ventilation pipes, steel ceilings and other engineering systems are not covered, as in ordinary houses, but according to the idea of the creator of the building, Renzo Piano, they allow you to see how the entire building system functions.
  • Most of the exhibits can not only be seen and photographed, but also touched.
  • For the little ones, these are soap bubbles of different sizes. You can yourself be inside the soap film or "sharpen" your friends there.
  • Constructors and mosaics of various types and configurations for future engineers and inventors.
  • Playing with mirrors and experiments with electricity.
  • The laws of physics and chemistry can be confirmed or tried to refute in laboratories and simulators.
  • You can go into space, learn about the laws of gravity, building bridges and airplanes. It is impossible to list everything.
  • The most modern scientific developments and technologies are of interest regardless of age and gender.
  • Learn all about the structure and functions of the human body. A lot of video materials, exhibits.
  • For example, for expectant mothers, real embryos are frozen in formalin at all stages of development.
  • Cuts of the body, head, etc. But at the same time, all this does not look intimidating.
  • Wooden dolls will seem curious for lovers of the Kamasutra.

The structure itself, which resembles a ship, is also surprising. Although some compare it to a flying saucer approaching a landing. You should definitely climb the stepped roof - you will not see such a panoramic view of old Amsterdam anywhere else.

Practical information


Science Center NEMO Oosterdok 2 1011 VX Amsterdam

Opening hours

  • Tue-Sun - 10-17 h
  • Mon - day off

Ticket price

  • Children 0-3 = free
  • From 4 years old = 13.5 euros.


It is best to go to the museum in the morning. Especially if you are traveling with children. At this time, it is not so crowded there and you can easily study and experiment everything.

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