Heineken Beer Museum

Музей пива Heineken в Амстердаме Amsterdam museums

The Heineken Experience Museum in Amsterdam has 4 floors and 3,000 square meters of amazing history of one of the most famous beer brands. The museum is the property of the Heineken Brouwerijen brewery. Even if you're not a fan of a heady beverage, a trip through the museum will be a pleasure. Sometimes it is referred to as a club-museum, and sometimes they talk about it as a fascinating attraction.

WARNING! Unaccompanied persons under 18 years of age are strictly prohibited from entering the museum.

This restriction is imposed because the guided tour includes a tasting of the hop drink, plus another small nuance - during the tour, visitors will see a large number of commercials. On the one hand, this is a marketing move to promote the brand, but on the other hand, this is the history of advertising and it is quite curious and amusing.



The tour begins with a story about the dynasty that opened the first brewery in 1864. Many pictures of the family of Gerard Heineken, the head of the family and founder of the beer corporation.
Today under the brand Heineken, produced about 200 kinds of drinks. Moreover, the producers claim that in the most important branded drink the recipe has not changed over the 150 years of existence.

Like all global producers, Heineken has decades of active participation in the world's shows, movies and music. Many festivals have been sponsored by the company. The green flag with the company's logo flies over many soccer arenas, and music tours of famous performers take place with the participation of the brand.

Notice how many movie characters sip a cold, refreshing drink. Even James Bond swapped his glass of Martini for a bottle of cool beer.

It is interesting to look at the evolution of the famous beer advertising. Once seated in comfortable armchairs resembling something fantastic (or cosmic), you can watch slideshows and famous videos with prizes from famous festivals and contests.

Also in one of the halls you can follow the evolution of the glass beer bottle. And in the hall, the Bottle Ride offers the opportunity to feel like a bottle. Funny way of green beer bottle on the conveyor, and at the same time with the bottle on the huge display you, standing on the interactive podium, jump up and down in unison with the video sequence, besides the whole process is complemented by other special effects.

Another interesting attraction, where you are invited to perform "Tulips in Amsterdam" in karaoke style, overlay the recording on a video clip, and then you can place the video on your account in social networks.

The beer museum has its own stable - Stable Walk. Here live real horses of a unique breed of shire, distinguished by their endurance. Nowadays, many bars use horse-drawn transport to transport beer kegs around Amsterdam.



At the end of the tour, visitors are offered a beer tasting. There are two glasses of beer per person. In the early years of the museum, there was no limit on the tasting. While sitting on the comfortable leather sofas you can watch several fascinating films about beer etiquette, the history of the brewery, the family of the founder of the brand, and enjoy a fresh, cold Heineken.

Don't forget to order a personalized bottle of Heineken when you enter the building. Don't forget to pick it up on your way out. You can also buy other souvenirs.

Practical information

  • Address:
    Stadhouderskade 78, Amsterdam
  • Working hours:
    Mon - Thu from 11.00 to 19.30 (entrance to the museum until 17.30)
    Fri - Sat from 10.30 to 21.00 (admission until 19.00)
  • Ticket price:
    Adult = 18 euros
    Children = 14 euros (without beer and strictly accompanied by parents).
    But the organizers of the museum recommend not to visit the institution for children and teenagers under 18 years.
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