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Tourists from all over the world arriving in Amsterdam must go to the unique Red Light District. Walking among the windows in which the representatives of the ancient profession sit, you should definitely look into the Erotic Museum.

The old four-story building of the 17th century is no different from its neighbors. Only now there is a never-dying neon sign over the doors.

At the entrance you will be met by a charming cyclist in a seductive national costume and wooden shoes.

entrance to the Erotic Museum in Amsterdam

Climbing the stairs, you can admire the vivid paintings that are unlikely to be of artistic value, but the colors and subjects are quite consistent with the place of the exhibition.


The exhibits may be shocking, but at the same time, the Dutch attitude to sex as a part of life and healthy humor make the exhibition quite interesting.

It is a collection of art and culture related to carnal love from around the world. A part of the history of the Red Light District is also presented in the museum - one of the rooms repeats the reception room of one of the girls who have been working here for several centuries. Interior elements and decoration suggest that the scene played by the wax characters dates back to the end of the 19th century. But even today, little has changed in this craft.

It is interesting to look at the history of photographs (and lithographs) of erotic content. It can be noted how the standards of beauty and fashion have changed in this direction.

The creators of the museum did not ignore the Disney characters. The scene from Snow White surrounded by gnomes is full of frivolity. If you wish, you can watch a film about the Disney princess and her funny friends, the gnomes, which will not be shown on TV or in the cinema.

Scene from Snow White surrounded by gnomes - Erotic Museum in Amsterdam

The fourth floor is also full of surprises - wax figures in the style of sado-maso surprise visitors with their realism. Those interested can take some funny photos.

Growth figures add a special flavor. In some parts of the museum, empty spaces suggest that the Erotic Museum is ready to replenish and expand its collections.

And yet, ancient statuettes or dishes with erotic stories from Ancient Greece, China, Japan, India and other countries are of real historical value. Chinese ivory tablets or clue leaflets with fragments of the Kamasutra from India. A hand-held vibrator or modern porcelain figurines will amuse you.
The museum offers to buy souvenirs - condoms of any shape, color and taste.

Practical information

  • Address:
    OZ Achterburgwal 54
    1012 DP Amsterdam
  • Opening hours:
    Sun-Thu from 11.00 to 01.00
    Fri-Sat from 11.00 to 02.00
  • Ticket price: = 7 euros.
    Persons under the age of 18 unaccompanied by adults are strictly prohibited.
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