How to get to Amsterdam from Paris

How to get to Amsterdam from Paris How to get to Amsterdam

The distance from Paris to Amsterdam is about 525 km, and the road will take you from 3 to 8 hours, depending on the chosen means of transportation - train, bus, plane or car. Let's consider each option in more detail.


By train

  • Travel time: 3 hours and 17 minutes
  • Cost: 69 to 204 euros per person

Ticket schedules and costs from Paris to Amsterdam

The company's high-speed trains The train from Paris to Amsterdam 9 times a day is the fastest and most comfortable way to travel. Second-class train tickets cost 135 euros, but if you book 2-3 weeks in advance you can find many options in the 69-80 euro range.

Tip: If you buy a non-refundable 2-3 months in advance, you can save significantly by buying tickets in second class for only 35 euros or in first class for 79 euros. Plan your vacation in advance.

Paris Amsterdam train schedule and ticket prices

In Paris you need to get to the train station Paris Nord (metro/bus station Gare du Nord)

By bus.

Traveling by bus from Paris to Amsterdam is more suitable for students and travelers on a limited budget. The main disadvantage is the duration of the trip.

  • Travel time: About 7.5-8 hours
  • Cost: 19 to 25 euros per person

The cheapest and most comfortable buses in terms of price/quality ratio are

Bus schedule Paris Amsterdam ticket price €19

By plane

To Amsterdam from Paris, flights depart from Paris-Orly or Charles-de-Gaulle airports.

  • Travel time: 1 hour 15 minutes + drive from/to airport and check-in.
  • Cost: 60 to 250 euros

When buying airline tickets from Paris to Amsterdam, the same advice applies as with the buses - book tickets about 2-3 months in advance, then you will save significantly.

Websites of airlines operating direct flights:

To compare prices on flights from Paris to Amsterdam from all carriers, use the handy form below

By car

  • Travel time: About 6 hours
  • Cost: about 50 euros for fuel + 16 euros for the toll road in France.

When traveling in your own or rented car, you need to consider the cost of toll roads in France (in Belgium and Holland roads are free), as well as the price of fuel.


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  1. Anastasia Vishnyakova

    In August my husband and I are going on a vacation to Amsterdam. I came across this article by chance, but it interested me a lot. Paris is a place I've wanted to visit all my life. And then it hit me that just 3 hours and 17 minutes by train, and I'm already in the city of dreams. Of course, could have been done in an hour, thanks to the plane, if it were not for my fear of flying. The article was very informative and useful, thanks to it, I finally realized my dream. Thank you!

  2. Lev Leshchenko

    I'm flying to Europe in a couple of days, I don't have a clear schedule of where to go, I just want to take a little tour. I wanted to visit Paris and Amsterdam anyway.
    By the way, the article was very, very helpful. Now I know exactly where to go after Paris))). Make more articles on how to get from Amsterdam to anywhere, it will be a cannon at all!!! But thank you so much!!!