How to get from Amsterdam Airport to the city center

How to get from Amsterdam Airport to the city center How to get to Amsterdam

The distance from Schiphol Airport Amsterdam (AMS) to the city center is only 17 kilometers. To get from the airport to Amsterdam Centraal you can take the train for 5,5 Euro, a special shuttle bus for 18,5 Euro or a cab for 50-70 Euro that will bring you directly to your hotel. In this article I will tell you in detail about the features of each method.

map distance from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam city center 17 km

By train for 5.5 euros

Trains from the airport to Amsterdam Centraal station leave every 3-7 minutes, the ticket costs 5.5 euros and can be bought from a ticket machine. As the Dutch government is trying to keep up with the times, the you have the opportunity to issue a ticket online on the official website of the railroads and save 1 euro.

The ticket is purchased for a specific date, that is, you can take any train to the central station on that day. Let's look at an example. Choose a station from Amsterdam Airport to Amsterdam Centraal on the website, enter the date and time. If, for example, your flight arrives at 12:00, you should allow one hour for passport control and baggage claim.

Finding train tickets from Amsterdam Airport to Central Station

Click Plan and the site will show you the train schedule.

Note that you can buy a train ticket online no earlier than 30 days in advance.

Train schedule from Amsterdam Airport

If your travel date is less than 30 days away, the Buy ticket button will be yellow and an offer will appear to buy an e-ticket for 4.5 euros - one euro cheaper than in a machine. It will also indicate from which platform the train departs and where it arrives in Amsterdam. In our example from the airport platform 1-2, and at Amsterdam Centraal we will arrive at platform 11a.

The cost of an online train ticket from the airport to Amsterdam is 1 euro less

Click on the Buy ticket button and in the next window select the number of tickets. Adults in the Netherlands are considered people over 12 years old. For a child from 4 to 11 years, the ticket costs 2.5 euros, and toddlers under 3 years can travel for free.

Buying train tickets from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam

Press the Passengers button and in the next window enter passenger data. Name - only the first letter in Latin alphabet and the last name in full. Press the To payment method button.

Passenger data when purchasing a train ticket from the airport to Amsterdam

Enter your email address, to which you will receive tickets.

Choose a payment method; a Mastercard or Visa credit card will probably work for you. Check if you want to subscribe to special offers and be sure to accept (I accept...) the carrier's terms and conditions. Skip to payment - To payment.

Paying for a train ticket from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam on the official website

Enter credit card information and click Betalen (Pay).

Entering credit card details when buying a train ticket to Amsterdam

In a minute you will receive an electronic ticket in PDF format to the specified mailbox - if checked, it is enough to show the conductor in the car from any device.

From Amsterdam Central Station you can walk or take public transportation to the hotel.

Shuttle bus to the hotel

On a special shuttle bus you can get to any hotel in the center of Amsterdam for 18,5 euros. For children from 4 to 14 years old the ticket costs 14.75 euros, up to 3 years old - 9.75 euros. If you are more than three people, there are discounts. For example, for 7 people a trip to the hotel will cost only 70 euros. The bus is an 8-seater minivan with friendly drivers and free Wi-Fi.

By cab

Amsterdam Airport is served by 167 official Tesla cabs, there are also Mercedes cabs. The cost of a cab ride to the city center will be 50 to 70 euros and depends on your address.

Tesla Taxi at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

You can save a little money and order a transfer in advance on for 42 euros.

Airport transfer to the center of Amsterdam costs 42 euros

How to arrange tax free

The price of each item purchased in the Netherlands includes VAT of 21%. For purchases worth more than 50 euros you have the right to get a tax refund at the airport. Prerequisites:

  1. You leave the European Union by direct flight from Amsterdam
  2. Permanently residing outside the EU.
  3. Transport the goods yourself and have not opened the packaging. You must be able to see that the goods are new.
  4. No more than 90 days have passed since the purchase.

In order to process your Tax Free refund correctly, arrive at the airport a little early and go to the customs desk at Terminal 3 (Departure 3). You will need to show your passport, the boarding pass and the special return form you received upon purchase. Then go to the Global Blue or GWK Travelex offices, both of which are near the customs office.

The money will be returned to you in cash or transferred to a credit card.

If you have a connection at Sniphol Airport, you can get a customs stamp at the customs desk in Lounge 3.


It is quite easy to get oriented when arriving at Schiphol Airport - just follow the signs.

Scheme of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Arrivals Area

If you want to study the airport scheme in more detail, you can download it in good quality at the links below:

Online display

The current schedule of arrivals and departures can be tracked with the online board.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to advise you in the comments.

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  1. Julia Fortuna

    Amsterdam impressed me with its royal scale, starting with Schiphol Airport. This is the perfect place, where everything is thought out for people. Even if the itinerary is not planned, you will be told in detail how and where to get to at the information desk. The locals are very friendly.

  2. Oksana Konofolska

    Yes, it's better to buy a ticket online and save money. Even if it's 1 euro, but when traveling as a family, it's a good savings. I think that taking a taxi is not really rational. Unless you have a lot of luggage.

    1. Artur Yakutsevich

      I agree, euro to euro and that's two saved. That would make a hundred.

  3. Larisa Frolova

    I always order tickets online, it's nice to be able to save a little money. Especially since the trains are comfortable, go quickly, no problems when traveling with luggage or tickets did not arise.

  4. Anna Sverdlova

    Wow, 5.5 euros is very cool, actually. Especially for traveling students from other countries) I am a student myself, I love to travel. For several years I travel in Russia, but this summer I decided to go to Europe.) I chose Amsterdam) Railways from the very first minutes will save my budget) It seems to me that this is the best way to travel, and not only for students. Of course, we all have different preferences, but I choose the train: both economical and safe)