Best 5 star hotels in Amsterdam

Отели Амстердама 5 звезд Where to stay

A good holiday depends a lot on the hotel you choose. Introducing 8 of the best and most unusual 5-star hotels in Amsterdam. Find out what makes each of them unique and make your choice!

Room rates are indicated without discounts. Significant discounts may apply when booking several months in advance.

Crane Hotel Faralda

  • Room rate: from 560 euros / day

Crane Hotel Faralda отель 5 звезд в Амстердаме

Crane Hotel Faralda   - the most unusual 5-star hotel in our review, as it is located in a former harbor crane - very Amsterdam style! At first he surprises with his idea. It is scary to enter it from the outside, but then you will not want to leave. Each room is a separate masterpiece of the designer. The views from the windows are striking in their beauty, every morning you can admire the bay of Hey and wonderful sunrises.

Comfort is equal to beauty: air conditioning, large beds, flat-screen TVs. The service is great - the staff will fulfill your every wish! As a bonus, there is a pool with hydromassage and a spa on the top floor. Here you will feel like a celebrity - the whole of Amsterdam is at your feet! To the center by ferry just 10 minutes.

art'otel Amsterdam

  • Room rate: from 350 euro / day

art'otel Amsterdam отель 5 звезд в Амстердаме

art'otel Amsterdam - modern and beautiful, you feel like you are at an expensive art exhibition. Every day you can go to the pool and fitness room, sit in a bar or restaurant - there is an excellent selection of drinks and a sufficient variety of food. The hotel has a spacious library and conference room - a suitable place for work and negotiations.  Coffee lovers, keep in mind - there is even an espresso machine in the rooms! Fans of outdoor activities will also find accommodation here to their taste - the hotel is full of clubs, shops and attractions.

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

  • Room rate: from 521 euro / day

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam отель 5 звезд в Амстердаме

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam - a 5-star hotel, the interior of which is made in the loft style - very elegant, like a royal one. There is everything you need for a comfortable stay - a swimming pool, spa, restaurant and bar. In the evenings, they play the piano magically. A delicious dinner with such musical accompaniment will become magical. By the way, at the Librije's Zusje Amsterdam restaurant at the 2 Michelin star hotel. The rooms offer a wonderful view of the Herengracht Canal - guests will immediately feel the Dutch atmosphere!
The hotel will gladly help you organize various excursions, exchange currency.

NH Collection Amsterdam Barbizon Palace

  • Room rate: from 275 euros / day

NH Collection Amsterdam Barbizon Palace отель 5 звезд в Амстердаме

One of the hotel chips NH Collection Amsterdam Barbizon Palace - a bathhouse where you can perfectly relax and take a steam bath. The building houses a spacious gym. But the most memorable - this is a huge selection of dishes in the restaurant: from English breakfast to Spanish dinner, from light desserts and fruits to fried, hearty and hearty soups! Real gourmets will appreciate it. Nearby there is a beer bar "Het Elfde Gebod", which is worth stopping by. The staff is helpful, everyone speaks Russian well.

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

  • Room rate: from 340 euro / day

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam отель 5 звезд в Амстердаме

In a hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam you immediately notice their beautiful courtyard surrounded by flowers - a great place for gatherings, photographs and quiet relaxation. The interior of the hotel is full of exquisite history: high ceilings, huge windows, grand staircases, majestic columns. The rooms are quiet and comfortable, as if you are somewhere in the countryside, and not in the center of a large, noisy city. The hotel has two features - a bar where you can smoke cigars and a cafe with Dutch beer and snacks.

Hotel Seven One Seven

  • Room rate: from 325 euros / day

Hotel Seven One Seven отель 5 звезд в Амстердаме

Hotel Seven One Seven Is one of the most comfortable hotels in Amsterdam. The interior antique interior resembles an exhibition of expensive, antique values. The view from the windows overlooks the canals - you just want to ride a boat. There are secluded corners where you can work in peace.
The staff claims (verified by our friends) that they accept anyone as a VIP guest. Not surprising, since the hotel has only 9 rooms and they are usually booked six months in advance.

You are delighted that all the things in the room: hygiene products, bathrobes, towels - expensive brand "Le Labo" - they are pleasant and comfortable to use.

Pulitzer Amsterdam

  • Room rate: from 712 euro / day

Pulitzer Amsterdam отель 5 звезд

5 stars from Pulitzer Amsterdam Is a rich interior. I want to take pictures of every corridor - books on the shelves, pictures decorating the walls of the building, candles and fireplaces everywhere. There is a feeling that you are living in a private house and your own master. The only disadvantage of the hotel, but at the same time an advantage, is the large, long stairs. Every time you have to go up and down, as there is no elevator. In general, an excellent hotel for families and children.

De L'Europe Amsterdam

  • Room rate: from 741 euro / day

De L'Europe Amsterdam самый дорогой отель Амстердама 5 звезд

The most expensive hotel in our review De L'Europe Amsterdam - these are luxurious suites, heated floors, a huge bed and a marble bathroom - everything corresponds to 5 stars and the price. Earlier, the building of the hotel was a royal palace - it is worth noting that this atmosphere has been preserved.
The hotel has a restaurant serving French cuisine and therefore gourmet cuisine. There is a wellness center on site - you can pamper yourself with various procedures. Professionals work there, the girls will be very happy about it.

The location of the hotel is the best in Amsterdam, gorgeous views of the canal and all sights within a 5-10 minute walk. If you have the opportunity to stay here for at least a couple of days, we can only be sincerely happy for you.

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